02 July 2009

Organizational Skillz

I love to organize, I'm pretty sure that's no secret. :)
I'm also really, really obsessed with this only having 3 bedrooms and one day having another kid and those kids not sharing rooms and what are we going to do with all the stuff???
I have slowly been getting rid of crap we don't need, moving stuff out to the garage, packing things away that we want to keep but don't use regularly. You get the idea...
And today I had the grand idea of taking almost everything out of the closet in the extra bedroom and finding other places for it.

Remember in my house post where I said there is a closet in the bathroom downstairs? 
Well, it was jam packed with stuff. Blankets, beach towels, toilet paper, kleenex, laundry items, board games. I think that's it.
I found some new homes for that stuff, but not for all of it.
I got the brilliant idea that I want to buy some shelves for above our washer and dryer to put extra things like kleenex and toilet paper since we buy that stuff in bulk and always have a ton around. (P.S. If you ever need toilet paper, I'm your girl!) 
Anyway, we haven't bought those shelves yet, but I'm really excited!
And I also took the liberty of taking all of my craft stuff (that was in the extra bedroom) and organizing it in that closet. Along with some other items that were in there, such as cables for random junk, old pictures in boxes and maybe a few other things.
I am so excited!!!

I kept telling Adam that I really wanted to do all of this before we were even pregnant again so that I can have an almost fresh room to start with. I'm really happy that I did it today too because it was hard work carrying all that stuff from upstairs to downstairs over and over and over again! I think I made about 30 trips up and down and back again. That was definitely my workout for the day! HA!

So in a nutshell, I'm a loser who loves when she has empty closets. Or newly organized ones.


Anonymous said...

We get our last shipment today! I'm so excited to start organizing it all, and make this place a home!!

Organizing rules!

Ky and Kami's mom said...

Definitely gives you a feeling of accomplishment! And the workout helps too ;)