10 June 2009

Dad's Trip

Alright, FINALLY I am writing what my dad and I did while he was here. I know you've probably all been waiting. Or you don't care, but it's my blog and I want to remember.

Friday May 22nd-Dad flew in from Ohio! We ate at In-N-Out for lunch. Yum! Can't remember what we did for dinner...oops!
Saturday May 23rd-Alcatraz for the day! The first time M had ever been there. We had to pack our lunch because there is no food on the island. And then a seagull stole half of my sandwich...while it was in the plastic bag still! So lame. We went to Pietro's #2 for dinner. I like that place. So we got Makayla spaghetti for dinner and the waitress brought it out and put it in front of me, but M was so close to it and I was trying to grab the bowl away, but before I could get it out of her reach, she grabbed a handful of spaghetti and burned her little hand. I felt SO bad! And Adam was way too far away to even try to stop it, either. It was awful, but then Adam took her to the bathroom and rinsed her hand with cold water and she was better after that. No mark the next day, either, so I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. As soon as she realized how hot it was, she dropped it.
Sunday May 24th-Hung out at home. Don't think we really did much.
Monday May 25th-Half Moon Bay! Adam stayed home with Makayla since it was Memorial Day and my dad and I went out. It was a nice day for us to hang out together and I didn't have to worry about M not sleeping enough or eating on time or whatever. We even napped in the car right by the beach! HAHA!
Tuesday May 26th-Adam stayed home with M again. He took the day off for us. Such a wonderful husband, I have!! So today we went to Napa Valley, Sonoma, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. Whew! We ate at some totally weird and kinda sucky italian place. AND we had to walk like forever to get there! All the food was so weird and it was one of those places that only has, like, 17 things on their menu and you have no idea what actually comes with it because it says with clskdeafluggin sauce or whatever. I got some appetizer.
Wednesday May 27th-Went to a motorcycle shop in Concord for my dad. Ate at a really good italian place there.
Thursday May 28th-Met Adam for lunch at a place called Gumbah's in Vallejo. It was pretty good, I must say! I think Dad liked it, too. Also went to the gun shop in VV.
Friday May 29th-We tried to go to another motorcycle shop, but I couldn't find it and was getting frustrated, so we turned around and went to Panera in Sacramento for lunch. Ate at a Thai place in VV for dinner. It was AWESOME!
Saturday May 30th-Hung out at home, mostly. Dad packed and then we went to Spenger's for dinner because he wanted some good seafood. It was awesome, too.
Sunday May 31st-Dad goes back to Ohio. :( 

We had a blast while he was there, though! I always love when my family comes to visit me, but I get REALLY sad when they leave because I don't know when I'll see them again and I start to really miss home. I know home is California now, but a little piece of me will always be in Ohio with my family. I heart them.

Adam's mom is coming in this Saturday with the kids. I'm excited for them to come visit! So the cleaning will commence tomorrow. I was too tired after M's gymnastics class today! Speaking of, how do you ask for another mom's phone number? Is that weird? There's a mom in the class that has a 19 month old and M loves her kid and the mom is cool, too. But like how do I know if she wants to be my friend? She waved at me when they were leaving today. I guess that's a good sign. It's been so long since I've made a new friend. I'm such a loser. HA.

Oh yeah and technically the cleaning commenced yesterday, I just took a break today. I dusted everything yesterday. So exciting, I know. I bought some Pledge Multi Surface stuff. I hope that junk works! Haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty excited!

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Ky and Kami's mom said...

I'd tell her that maybe you should get the girls together sometime and write your number down for her...hopefully she'll do the same in return. Glad your dad got to visit!!