20 April 2009

More Videos

These things take so long to load, so I hope you enjoy them!!
This video is of Makayla clapping when I show her the clap flashcard from Your Baby Can Read. I am SO happy we got it on video because she does it all the time. It's awesome.

Sorry for how annoying I am in the background. And my slippers are ugly, I know. They were 3 bucks at Target and since I go through slippers like a mad woman, I bought 'em and I don't care what they look like! :)

This is from Easter. This was the first Easter basket we got her and she really loved it. We got her these plastic eggs that had My Little Ponies in them. Too cute! We also got her a little stuffed bunny, a book about Jesus and a bunny basket. She was a lot of fun this year. We didn't take her on an egg hunt, but I'm sure she'll have lots of fun with that next year!!

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The Bardwells said...

Hey! I know...it all happens SO fast! I can't believe Makayla in these videos....so big! When did she start crawling around?