21 March 2009


Yesterday afternoon I asked Makayla if she wanted to go upstairs and get her diaper changed and right after I asked her that, she walked right over to the stairs and started climbing them like she's done it all her life.

That was the second time she's climbed the stairs. The first time she only went up three and then stopped and sat there. 

This time...she climbed up to the landing, crawled over to the bottom of the rest of the stairs and then proceeded to climb up those, as well. It was amazing to watch!! And then she did it again today, too! She's awesome.

Let's see...some other things she can do....

When asked, "Where's your belly, Makayla?", she will pull up her shirt and pat her sweet little round belly. Too adorable, right?!

Also, if we ask where her feet are, she will look down at them. She knows where her socks go and she'll always hold up her sweet little foot for us to put them on her. She also loves to take off her socks and at any mention of a sock, she will take them off her feet. :)

I finished our blanket for the living room tonight. Yay!

I also made pillows at my friend's house last night. They're for Makayla's window seat. I still have to sew up the bottom portion we left open to actually be able to stuff the pillow in, but other than that, they're done! Yay!

I've been rather productive, huh? :D 

We've been having a lot of fun around here, so we'll just keep doing that and I will probably post some more in a few days...maybe some pictures?? For now, it's off to bed. It's late.

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