10 February 2009

Our Newest Addition!!

Yes, we got a puppy!! She's a black lab and possibly mixed with something else, but the lady we got her from says that "she's waaaaay lab", so we'll take her word for it. :)

Her name is Luna. I let Adam name her since it was my idea to strike chaos on our home by way of dog. She's only 6 weeks old, so it's just like having another baby, except I don't have to feed her from my bustacular. That's a plus. :D She really is a good pup, though. We got her yesterday and we drove allllll the way to Stockton to get her. It was a long drive and Makayla was not happy for most of it, but she fell asleep on the way home, so that was nice. We didn't get home until after 8pm and M goes to bed at 7:30pm, but it's all good. 

So the lady we got her from told us not to crate her yet, but to instead put her in a pen. She said a Pack N Play works great, so we went and bought one for Luna yesterday. We lined the bottom with a garbage bag and some newspaper. She's got a doggie bed in there and this blanket that the lady gave us. Oh yeah and her food and water are in there at all times. Since she's just a baby, we can't take her food away from her yet. And we are supposed to keep her in the pen unless we have time to spend with her.

She got up a lot last night and ate her food and tore up the newspaper, but she did sleep some, too. It seriously is just like having a baby and she slept at the edge of our bed in her pen, too. So sweet. 

Makayla thinks she's the coolest thing ever!! It's so hilarious! Every time she sees Luna, she screams really loud and starts laughing. So cute! I am completely positive that I have the prettiest and smartest baby ever made!! She rocks my socks. 

In other news, Makayla's top two teeth are almost all the way in, so that's fun. She only eats carrots now...no other veggies. She loves Cheerios, but she always has. She prefers frozen blueberries over the real deal, which is odd, but the frozen ones are blue all the way through, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it...

She crawls all over the place and every once in a while she'll stand on her own, but then once she realizes that she's not holding onto anything, she'll grab onto whatever she's next to real quick. It's cute. We love to play this game right before bathtime, which is right before bedtime, where I take all her clothes off and put her on the floor and then chase her to the bathroom and right before she gets to the bathroom door, I grab her and she squeals with delight! She really is the best kid ever!!!

Me? I'm still making my blanket for our living room. It's going to be huge, so it's a long process. I'm working on some more bows for Makayla and I've been doing some scrapbooking, as well. I have a feeling Miss Luna is going to be taking up some more of my time, so other things will have to get pushed around. But I told Adam that no matter what, Makayla is more important than that dog. I don't care what happens. She's my whole life.

Adam might have to go to L.A. again for a couple days on Monday, so that sucks, but we'll manage. We always do. Other than that, he really likes his new job and we might get to travel to the UK soon!! That'd be awesome!! So I guess I better get my passport, huh? 

Oh...I can't take Luna for walks until she gets the rest of her shots, which won't be for six more weeks. For sad. Also, I have to stay with her for the next two weeks, so no Target trips for me for a while. I'm thinking I'm going to run to Michael's once Adam gets home tonight, though. I need some more yarn and I've got some coupons to use up! Yay me!

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