01 November 2008

We Have A Tooth!

FYI I kinda broke my pact of not getting on the internet this week.
I checked my email and read some blogs.
But, I didn't get on my blog (until today) aaaaaaaaand I did not, did not, get on Facebook or MySpace alllll week! I'm pretty proud of myself for that!

So anyway, I had to also break the pact to inform all of you that Makayla is in fact getting her first tooth!! I'm so frackin' excited!!!

It's just barely poking through, but it's DEFINITELY there!!

There have been countless times where I have thought in the past that she was teething and lo and behold, there was no tooth. For a long time I thought she was never going to be getting any teeth. And now there's one busting through those adorable pink gums! Finally!

So last night, she got up around 1 am, which is pretty out of character for her these days. She usually waits until 3 am to get the boob, so I went in and layed her back down and she screamed!!! I had this feeling that she was teething for some reason (I guess because she really is!!!), so I fed her and laid her back down. She went to sleep only to wake up at 4:45 am again. She hasn't gotten up twice during the night for a rather long time, so I was pretty shocked and then almost definitely knew she was teething. I laid her down and she screamed bloody murder again, so I gave her some teething stuff and she went right to sleep....only to awaken again at 6:30 am. Again not like her. Anymore.

I laid her back down again and she slept till 7:45 am. Long night. Then this morning, she was standing up on the ottoman and looking up at me with her big cheeseball grin and her gums looked really red. So I tried to investigate and Makayla got pretty upset. But I for sure knew there was a tooth poking out in them thar gums.

So long story short, I looked and looked and looked and looked all day long and this afternoon, I saw it! A very faint white line! And then I got a little bit sad. She's really growing up! I've gotten so used to her not having teeth, that it kinda seems like she shouldn't have any. And now she's getting one! I am also very, very happy at the same time, though. Is that weird?!

Oh yeah, I tried to get some pictures, but that didn't really work out all that well. She loves the camera and always tries to snag it, so we'll have to wait till Daddy gets home tomorrow night and pin her down get some photogs of that biz.

She's so cool.

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roanne said...

Aww....Well, I know you've been looking for that tooth for quite awhile, so YAY that it's finally coming in!