25 October 2008

Ten Months!

Here it is.
The ten month mark.
I cannot believe we are already here.
It really does fly by. 
Everyone tells you it does and you don't believe them and then it does and you're all, where did the time go? Really! 
It's so true.

Our little girl can do so very, very much these days.
She pulls up on everything!
She can also get back down.
And when she goes to get back down, she puts her mouth on whatever she pulled herself up on and then slowly sticks her butt out and sets it delicately on the ground. Adorable!

She eats green beans, peas, cottage cheese (!), Cheerios, air puffs, bananas and all the normal baby food.
We're transitioning away from pureed foods though.
She can handle it. Even though she still has no teeth!!
I seriously think there's one coming in, though.
Ha! I've been saying that for forever. I guess we'll wait and see if she's really got some pearly whites under there somewhere...

She laughs at everything.
We always play this game where before bath time, I strip her down while Daddy gets the water ready and then I set her in her room and say, Mommy's gonna get you! 
And she crawls away with her nekked booty into the bathroom and then I snatch her up and she lets out this sweet little squeal of delight. So much fun!!

She loves to play with all her stuffed animals and grab every one of them off the shelf.
She turns the pages in her books when we read them to her.
She also loves to stare at the pages and talk to the characters and then she gives them an open mouth kiss. :)

And of course, she crawls alllllll over the entire house and loves it!
She likes to get into everything. Duh.
She loves playing with wires, which we (of course) tell her is not safe. Duh again.

She squirms like crazy and gets so mad when we try to change her diaper.
It is seriously like a fit of rage every single time.
We try to bribe her with toys. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 
So then she flips herself over and sits up on her changing table.
She's so daring, too! Cuz then, she crawl over to the side of the changing table and look over the edge, like she's about to jump! And then she stands up with her booty in the air.
This child has no fear! And I love that!

She loves to explore the world around her.
She adores electronics.
The laptop, cell phone, Daddy's new iPhone (!!), the camera, the camcorder.
And anything else you have, she wants it. All the time.

She is such a wonderful baby.
Puts herself to sleep no problems. Every single night! No crying ever!!
It is so blissful.
She loves bath time. Playing with her bath toys and splashing around in the water.
She also stands up in the tub when she's ready to get out.
And before she gets in the tub for her bath, she stands up on the outside of the tub and peeks in at the water and her toys that are waiting for her.

Naptime still gives us trouble every once in a while, but she still so totally rocks.

I honestly can't believe that she is 10 months old already.
Only 2 more months until she is 1 year old!
That just blows my mind.

(Have to upload pictures from this month onto the computer and then I'll post some, so check back soon!!!)

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