24 July 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

13 Things That Are Happening Soon!

1. My Mommy is coming to visit me!! Saturday!
2. We are moving into our new house!
3. Makayla is going to be crawling so soon!
4. I am going to get to my 10% weight on Weight Watchers!
5. We need to pack up our stuff!
6. People are leaving California, which means taking their lame drama with them! Yay!
7. I am going to finish reading my Parents magazine! Tonight! :)
8. We are taking a bunch of stuff to Goodwill!
9. Going to Napa Valley with my Mama!
10. Getting more sleep so soon! Can't wait!!!
11. Decorating our new house!
12. Shopping for carpet!
13. Makayla's teeth are gonna bust out! I know this one will happen soon! It has to, right? Right? Right
13. I'm going to lunch with Janet tomorrow and I get to try the yummy frozen yogurt place in Vacaville!

That's all for now, folks. Check back in a few days for some adorable pictures of our adorable little girl!


Danielle said...

Hope you get some good sleep. Moving is so exciting. I wish I was moving. Can't wait to see some pics! have a great weekend.

Becks said...

You do weight watchers. I am thinking of joining. I am desperate. I am only getting fatter not skinnier post baby...ahhhhh!!! Good for you for losing the weight..you look fantastic!!