25 July 2008

Randomness-Is That A Word?

•Makayla got up at 2:30am and stayed awake until 4:00am. Adam had to save the day because I was cussing at my child in the middle of the night. Yes, cussing. I'm imperfect, people. It was a horrible night and after many, many nights of sleeping for probably a total of 5 hours, I was done. Yesterday, my daughter broke me and she knew it. So, she was good and slept until 7:15 this morning. Praise Jesus!

•We have so much to do in these next coming weeks. My mom's coming out, which I believe I've mentioned a few times...We are moving! Luckily I won't be here for that because I am going home for a month and a half. Adam will take care of it all!

•I don't know how much more of this sleep deprivation crap I can handle. I am sooooo glad my mom is coming here tomorrow!!

•I feel like I should always be happy because I'm a mommy now and when I'm not happy, I feel like I'm a bad mommy.

•Makayla is sooooo gonna start crawling soon! I'm really excited for this! I know she's growing up so fast, but I can't wait for her next phase! It's so exciting!!!

•I'm still really worried about the plane ride home. How are we going to fit everything in my mom's car? Should I buy her a plane ticket? Will she sleep okay? Will I get any rest while in Ohio?!

•My faith has gone out the window as of late. I know it's stupid, but it's because M hasn't been sleeping. I feel like God just doesn't care. I feel like He's provoking me to do something harmful to my child. I pray and pray and pray for Him to let her sleep, so I can get some rest and be a much better mother and still she wakes up screaming....3 times a night. Please feel bad for me and throw up a prayer every once in a while. I can't handle this!!!

•We need to figure out what carpet color and type (?) we want to get for our new house. We also need to get over there and measure the house for hardwood and carpet.

•No matter how mad I get at Makayla for waking me up at an ungodly hour, she will always be my sweet baby girl and I love her so much more than words can describe. You have no idea how guilty I felt last night after Adam came and took her and I went back to bed. I felt like the. worst. mom. ever. It was rough.

•Today is Makayla's 7 month birthday! I know my posts are always about Makayla, but hey, she's the center of my world, so bah. Happy 7 months, Little Girl!

•Nicknames for Makayla: Makaykay, Kayla, Doll Baby, Beans, Bean Pole, Baby Butts, Princess Beans, Sweet Baby Girl, Window Lickey, Thumb Suckies. Oh I'm sure there are more. We're crazy around these parts.

•I am constantly overwhelmed with how much there is to do, but I'm always too tired to do anything about it! And I always come up with lists of stuff when I'm trying to go to sleep! Which means no paper!

•Makayla totally has a dirty diaper right now. And she's sitting on my lap. Ew. Okay, she must have just farted, because there was no poop. False alarm.

•We need to get our printer and chairs put up on craigslist to see if they sell before we move! Less stuff to move, am I right?

•I am so nervous and excited for things to come. Moving, going home, getting more sleep (hopefully!), cleaning the house, finishing books.

•I know I'm all over the place and I was hoping this would make a better post than it did. I had so much stuff I wanted to put in here last night! But I was so tired I couldn't bring myself to do it!!


Christy said...

I know I sound like the mean mommy, but have you tried putting her back in the crib and leaving the room? I have a strict policy, that after I feed Izzy at night, he goes back in the crib whether he is awake or asleep. Although he had cried a few times, he never cried for more than 30 minutes. In my opinion, that is not too bad.

He still wakes up 2 or 3 times per night to eat, but we don't stay awake and play anymore.

Danielle said...

Eliza sleeps with us because we don't have the heart to let her cry. She is out like a light in our bed and it works for us. I never thought I would co-sleep until I was doing it. Try to find what works for you. and cussing at your baby who wakes you up at night doesn't make you a bad mommy- it makes you normal!!!

Becks said...

Can't wait till your momma visits so she can help out! I would love to live by my parents. It is very hard when you don't have family to rely on. I guess it makes us stronger..but it sucks the big one!