01 July 2008


Today is the start of a new month.
I'm turning over a new leaf.
For reals. I'm going to be nicer to people.
I'm going to treat people with the respect they deserve.
I hope others do the same to me and stop talking smack about me.

I got a lot of stuff done today. 
It was fantabulous.
Okay, maybe it wasn't a lot, per se, but I think I got enough accomplished to feel good about myself.

I went to WalMart to get my pictures to finish my pregnancy scrapbook.
I ordered them last week and I'm so excited, I just might finish my book tonight!
Wouldn't that just be the end to this great day?!
Then, I was heading to the outlet mall, but wouldn't ya know it, I was ready too early and they weren't even open yet! I was going to get Makayla a new swimsuit (her current one doesn't fit over her fat lil belly) and some sunglasses with the gift card I have at OshKosh and then I was going to cruise on over to Motherhood Maternity for a new nursing shirt. I'm getting kinda tired of wearing the same 5 shirts over and over again. Eventually the black is gonna fade. That'll be a sad day.
So after I tried to be way productive and failed (curse you, outlet mall!), I rolled to the grocery store and actually got groceries! For the first time in probably a month. It's kinda humorous, actually....the things Adam and I have been eating for dinner.

So, yay! We have fruits and veggies again! 

Gotta sign some papers for the house tonight. We got some other inspection done on it yesterday and ew. I'm getting kinda down about it because it seems like there's a lot to fix. I mean the house is 21 years old, so duh. But, at the same time, I really want EVERYTHING to be fixed before we move in there. Only because of Makayla. If it was me and Adam, I wouldn't care as much, but with my precious baby girl living in that house, I can't have railing that is too far apart. She could stick her sweet head in there and get it stuck. Not cool. Not cool at all.

But, I'm going to stay optimistic. We are going to own a house! Our very own home! The place that we get to paint! The place that we get to put all this love and care into! The place that little Miss M gets to grow up in and play with her doll babies and stuffed animals and all her little friends from preschool! Yay!

Let's just hope it's safe enough that we don't all blow up before then.

I kid. I kid.

Also in the news of this brand new month we are upon (is it really July already?!), my mom is going to come visit us! Yay for that! Maybe she'll get to see our broke down house when she's out here....

Makayla will be turning 7 months old this month! I know she just turned 6 months old, but that does not negate the fact that she will be 7 months old in just 24 days. Wow. Time does fly rather quickly.

She is also a belly sleeper as of yesterday. Go baby girl! I was freaked out at first, but I just check on her every 5 seconds and she's fine. I have to give it up to God. He knows what's right for us. And He'll keep her safe.

I honestly think she'll be crawling soon. I also think there's a possibility that she's teething. But, I've thought that since she was 2 months old, so who knows? There are just some times when she is so completely inconsolable, I can't think of anything else that may be the problem. Like yesterday when I put her down for a nap and she screamed bloody murder after she rolled herself onto her belly. I went in there about 10 minutes later and her face was soaked from all the tears and drool and she had boogers running out of her nose. I felt horrible. And then she screamed for another hour, so that was fun.

My goals this month:
*Finish pregnancy scrapbook and put it on the shelf never to be looked at again.
*Start Makayla's scrapbook and get somewhere decent on it.
*Continue making her pillow, as well.
*Wash all 9 month clothes, because before I know it, she'll be in them!
*Get rid of things we don't need or use! I honestly don't want to hold onto so much stuff! Our new place is bigger (supposedly...), but there isn't a whole lot of storage. I mean, there's not even a pantry! {Go me for realizing this when I looked at the house on Sunday...after it's already in escrow.}
*Pray. And pray hard.
*Read my Bible. Like ever.
*Buy ticket to go home in September. Bah. Stressful.
*Accomplish everything on this list.

I'll keep y'all posted. :D

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