04 June 2008

All night long

Makayla slept all night again last night!!!

Is this too good to be true? Am I jinxing myself right now? I just can't believe it!

She was super fuss pot after bathtime, so Mommy had to feed her to get her to bed. She was in bed by 7:45pm, which by the way, we had an earthquake at 7:30pm. I was wondering why M's bedroom window shook so hard while I was feeding her!! Now I know...

Anyway, so she was mad. I fed her. She slept until 5am. I know, I know. Not the perfect time for the child to wake up for the day, but hey, at least I got 8 hours of sleep! Go me! Although I did wake up at 3:14am, wondering if my child was still breathing. So, I checked. And she was fine. Just like every other time. 

And then, to top it all off, she took a two hour nap this morning! What is going on in the Crockett household?! I think something overtook my child's body and is making her sleep well. Oh well, I won't complain! She's happy and I'm happy, so let it take over! :)

She did start crying once today during her naptime and I was just about to go in and get her and then she stopped crying. And she cried once last night, too, but stopped after about 2 minutes. This girl rocks my socks!

Maybe it's because she's 5 months old now? Maybe it's because she's eating a lot more solid foods now? Whatever it is, I'm cool with it and I hope it keeps happening. Although, I do miss her severely when I don't get to see her in the middle of the night. But, I'm a much better Mama during the day when I get rest during the night. Yes. It. Is. Awesome.

We had some fun today with all of her stuffed animals. It was a super cute photo shoot! 

Well, I'm off! Naptime again!!!

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