28 May 2008

And the World's Smartest Baby Award goes to...

What are you looking at?
This picture cracks me up!! This is after I slipped her a sedative. She slept good that night. HAHA!
Nakey baby!!
She loves playing Super Baby with Daddy!
One happy little family at the Redwoods.

Yep, you guessed it...Makayla!!

She is by far the smartest baby that I have ever met! I'm not just saying that because I'm her mother, but she just does so many intelligent things every day that I have never seen a baby her age do before!

Yesterday, she grabbed one of her toys by the "handle" and held on to it by herself!! I mean, she's been grabbing things on her own for a while now, but never by the part that you're actually supposed to grab it by! I was amazed!

And then today, she has been kicking her legs during tummy time! The doc told us that she'll probably be crawling by 6 months and I thought she was crazy, but now I'm starting to believe her! I've never seen any other baby do that before!!

She tried green beans for the first time today and took it like a champ! I was amazed yet again, because she's just so good at trying new things and rolling with the punches! We went to visit my friend Liz today and Makayla hadn't slept since 9 this morning and she was so good, despite that! She finally went down for another nap at 1 this afternoon and slept for almost 2 hours! Go baby girl!!

Now, she's just playing on the floor, laughing at herself. That's another thing that she always does! Adam and I blow raspberries on her belly and she'll just laugh and laugh and laugh! We've got a few videos, but I haven't uploaded them yet because it takes too darn long! One day, they'll be on YouTube, oh family of ours, but for now, you'll just have to read about our sweet baby.

She's a screamer, too and it just cracks me up!!! I love her little voice and there's no one else I'd rather listen to all day long! Our baby is so rockin'!!

Well, I'm off to do my wifely duties and make dinner for my husband.

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