07 May 2008

3 years!

Today is our 3 year anniversary! Yay!
We went to an A's game today and took Makayla. She was sooooo good, as usual!!! :)
She slept for a while in the Bjorn and just hung out with us and we kept lathering sunscreen on her. It was hilarious! Of course, I haven't put the pictures on my 'puter yet, but when I do, I'll post them.

These pictures are a little throwback into May 7, 2005. Love my husband!! <3

And yes, that is Adam picking cake out of my nose! We said we weren't going to put cake on each other's faces, but then I put it on him, so he smeared it all over my face and it got up my nose! So, I made him dig it out! HA! And then, he smeared it on my back, as well. Ahhhh, the memories. Best. Wedding. Ever.

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