26 May 2014


Today was an amazing day. This morning, I got to have some one on one play time with Makayla in her room. We played with her American Girl dolls and it was just so fun. A beautiful bonding experience and nobody around to interrupt us.

Then we headed to the store to get some stuff to grill out. But first, Adam had to buy a grill. He just got a little charcoal one for now. We went to Sprouts, which is a local natural food store. And then we went to BW3 for lunch.

The girls sort of had naps and quiet time but they were so excited to watch Despicable Me 2 that they didn't really stay in their rooms. So they didn't really get to watch the movie.

I ended up having a really bad headache and neck pain so Adam gave me the chance to nap and I jumped on it! He made an amazing dinner of brats, hot dogs and tator tots for us. Adam took the girls outside for some fun run around time and then it was time for bed! I cleaned up the kitchen and got some laundry done. I read some more of my recent book (The Memory Keeper's Daughter) and am now catching up on The Bachelorette. It was a great extra day with my most precious family. I adore them all so much.


Outside fun with Daddy!

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