17 March 2014


The babies and I had a wonderful day today! We headed to the library but of course we got there before it opened. Boo on that.

We headed to Target instead and got some cat litter among other necessities. Then we got In-N-Out for lunch because I am clearly obsessed and eat it far too often. And we went back to the library, I got my books and the girls played for a bit.

We came home and read our new library books, took a potty break and then went back out to get Sissy from school! We all went in the backyard for some vitamin D play time. The girls played Frozen yet again. And we are getting the movie tomorrow so we are all way excited!! :) I told the girls we are having zero tv today since Frozen is coming tomorrow. The girls all kept wanting to come inside so I said if they did, everyone is having quiet time in their rooms. They all agreed. So that's where we are in our day right now! I'm avoiding making dinner right now and relaxing while it's quiet. Haha!



Cutest girls ever. No doubt.

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