19 February 2014


Kalkidan and Daddy stayed at the hospital. He had the van with all the car seats so Makayla was late to school today. :( And he wanted to wait until Kiki went in to get her MRI before he left her. Well then her doctor decided not to do the MRI because at some point, somebody found a teeny tiny fracture in her shoulder. So Adam came home, we took M to school and then Addi and I spent the day at the hospital with them.

Kiki has been doing great with everything. She's such a good little girl and such a champ! We brought Makayla to see her after school and then I brought the girls home to get to bed. It was a long day and at the end of the day, we found out her doctor wanted to keep her another night to make sure her fever went down and to keep watch to make sure there is no joint infection.

So another day at the hospital tomorrow!


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