14 February 2014


It's our last day in Florida!! Or so we thought....

We spent today at Hollywood Studios. All the Disney Junior characters are over there and we just found that out last night. So we met Sofia the First and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! The girls were so excited to meet them! Sofia asked Addi if she was her valentine. :)

We saw the Little Mermaid show and it totally freaked Addi out. Flotsam and Jetsam both came out of the wall right next to her. :( We also saw a Disney Junior show with all the characters as puppets. It was pretty cute, but we were expecting full size characters. The girls had so much fun!

We had to head back to our hotel to catch the bus to the airport. Well we were there on time and the bus driver said he had no room for us so we had to wait for the next bus. Total bummer. And then the next bus came 10 minutes late. It was a total mess. We ended up getting a taxi (paid for by the hotel) to the airport....only to find that our flight was cancelled. I guess there were maintenance issues with the plane. So we stayed the night at a hotel to get up way too early the next morning. It's better than getting on a busted plane.





The girls in their Valentine's Day shirts from Nana. And a cancelled flight. Boo.

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