12 February 2014


We went on the Ariel ride today! The girls loved it!! We used one of our Fast Passes because it is always packed! It is such a cute ride and so fun!!

Then we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride, which is like a real life video game where you have a toy gun and you shoot X's on the wall to kill the aliens. Adam and I love it but Makayla said she never wants to go on it again. Sweet girl! The babies were whatever about it.

We got pixie dusted today and Addi even did it! It's so cute to go to the boutique and get the wand with fairy dust spilling out. I got some today, too! :)

Then we headed to Epcot to have lunch with all the princesses! We were afraid we were going to be late but we were right on time and right before the monorail closed for the day! Whew! Lunch was awesome and the girls (except Addi) got to be in a little parade around the restaurant. All the princesses came over and said hi to us and we got to get our picture taken with Belle as a family! It was a great experience!

The girls wanted to go on this Norway ride but it said you will get wet and I totally did NOT want to get wet so I stayed out. So then we stopped at the restrooms on our way to go on another ride at the front of Epcot. And then....

It started pouring rain!! It was awful. We had nothing to cover ourselves with so we spent $42 to get five ponchos....all which were way too big for our girls. Then we proceeded to walk 9,000 miles to the bus stop. In the pouring rain. It was like a freaking monsoon. The girls were so great and nobody complained at all. Adam carried both the babies and I held Makayla's hand and we tredged through the puddles. I kept telling her what a great job she was doing and she said, "you're doing a great job too, Mommy." I love her so much!

We spent the rest of the evening inside watching Disney Junior and resting. Adam is so amazing and he did all of our laundry and got us all dinner. It was an experience we'll never forget! :)



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