10 January 2014


I went to MOPS for the first time today! It was awesome! I felt so included and wanted and that's more than I can say for what I've felt over the past three to five years. Anywhere. I hope it stays that way.


We made these cute little valentines day frames...just some scrapbook paper, but so cute! I'm thinking about adding something to it but I don't know what yet.



The babies made snowflakes out of paper towels. They were so excited and so happy when I came back to get them! And I actually missed them, which is uncommon since I'm with them all the time.

I had a parent teacher conference with Makayla's teacher and it went great! It was so cute to see all of her little drawings on the walls.


How precious is that?! She wants to "sing at home". Love her and how amazing she is doing at school. I'm so thankful and proud of all of my girls.

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