31 December 2013

2013 Recap.

We stared potty training Addison January 1st.

I got some new tattoos that will one day in the near future be covered up by something much more amazing.

Kalkidan started sleeping in Addi's room and no longer in ours.

We had Makayla's birthday party with some of her closest friends and family.

Adam started taking each girl out for a date...one girl every week. It's a special time for each of them and I love that we kept it up for most of 2013. Makayla even asks about it when it's gone too long in between...when we get too busy with other things. We don't forget often, but obviously it's important to them because they know!

Kalkidan turned three and had her first birthday celebration ever! It was just us at home to keep it simple for her.

Adam's family came for a visit and we mended things. It was pretty awesome.

I figured out where my priorities lie and made them straight again. It's been pretty awesome ever since.

We had Makayla's Kindergarten orientation! How is that possible?!

Apparently nothing blog worthy happened for me to post on. I wasn't very good at blogging last year...I'm going to try to be better in 2014...for my girls. Not for anyone else.

We did go on a gymnastics field trip for Makayla's preschool!

We went to Virginia to spend time with Adam's family! It was a wonderful visit!

We went to my dad's and the following weekend, we went to Columbus to have dinner with some friends.

Adam and I turned 29! Crazy. I still feel 18...with three kids!!

I got a new tattoo...my anchor and I love it!

We celebrated 8 years of marriage. We've had our ups and downs, but no doubt that we are meant to be together. I love him.

Another amazing Mother's Day to be had! I love being celebrated for my hard work as a mama.

May 15th, Makayla graduated from preschool! I'm still in shock that she will be in Kindergarten later this year!!

We took our first ever family vacation! We went to Topsail Island with Adam's mom and it was an amazing first vacation! The girls LOVED the beach and we have tons of memories. It was fantastic.

Makayla went to VBS and loved it! She had SO MUCH FUN.

Addison turned three years old! We had a little family birthday party for her, too.

We started talking about moving to Texas this month when Adam took his first trip for work...

Makayla went to Safety Town and LOVED it! Of course. Do you see a pattern? My girl loves to get her fun on.

Makayla and Addison stayed the night at Nana's house for a few days.

Adam's family came for a visit at the beginning of the month. We went to the fair and got some more tattoos! I got my Africa covered up and I am SO glad I did. My cute little Charlie the owl is there now and I love him!

Jessi, Adam's sister, stayed with us for a week!

Adam interviewed for one million jobs in Texas. Then he got offered all of them and had to make a choice.

Makayla stared Kindergarten on August 20th!! The 22nd, we announced our move to Texas!!

Adam also went to the UK for two weeks.

Adam's mom took all the girls for the last weekend in August and I enjoyed some much needed alone time!!

We went to Texas for a weekend to find a house!

I went to a bachelorette party for my friend's wedding.

We put our house up for sale on September 30th.

October is when life got crazy in 2013 for us!

We had tons of house showings since we listed our house on the market just days ago.

The big move to Texas was October 9th!!

Makayla started Kindergarten October 11th and she loves it! Obviously.

Adam bought a car since we only had my van.

We sold our house 18 days after it went on the market!

I met my bestie Chelsey and I love her.

I got back in to my blogging groove...and then lost it again.

Adam's family came out for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time! We are SO happy they came to spend the holiday with us and braved Ethiopian food! :)

We closed on our house in Ohio!!! WAHOO!!

I got all the girls caught up at the doctor so that's one thing to check off my to do list.

I had a little alone time weekend in Dallas and it was perfect.

Kalkidan has been home for ONE YEAR...November 22nd!

Makayla turned SIX!!!

We decided it would be a good time to build another house in Texas so we signed papers to get the ball rolling!

We rang in the New Year with Adam falling asleep while watching How I Met Your Mother and me doing some odds and ends before the new year to start with a clean slate.

Happy New Year! 2014 is going to be a good one...I just know it. I can't wait for all the fun adventures we have coming up already!! :)

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