25 December 2012

Happy Birthday, Makayla!!

Happy Fifth Birthday, my sweet oldest girl!!

I can't believe we are already at this point. Next year, you will be starting kindergarten! Right now, you are in your second year of preschool and you love it! This year we moved you to M-W-F and it has been a nice break for me and your sisters. And I know you love getting to socialize with your sweet friends.

You are such a social butterfly, making friends everywhere you go!

You have the sweetest heart towards your sisters. Since Kalkidan came home a little over a month ago, I can see the love you have for your babies.

Though there is a flip side to that, as well...when the babies have anything that you deem 'yours', you go snatch it from them as quick as possible. We're working on it.

You love to watch tv and ask me for it about 10,000 times a day...working on this, too. ;)

You play with your My Little Ponies and all your little toys every day. When you see me trying to listen to what you are saying with them, you stop playing with them and say, 'What are you doing? Don't watch me!' But you are just so darn cute!!

We still do quiet time every day. And you still ask me to come downstairs at least five times before your quiet time is over. It's mostly for Mommy, but I know you need to have some unwind time to yourself, also.

You wake up before anyone else in the house every day. You will come downstairs and eat a frozen waffle all on your own. And you like them that way! You have asked me to give you frozen waffles at breakfast before. :)

You come up with the funniest sayings. We were at Nana's one day and you said you are a 'short-teen'. I was talking about how you are such a teenager already. Let's slow down on that one, okay?

Seeing you interact with and love on your sisters just melts me. It makes my heart sing. I see the love and compassion you have for them every day. You always want to help feed them and show them where to put things. You are always helping them put their shoes on which just makes me beam with joy at your beauty.

Lately when I ask you to do something or get something for me, you say, 'Of course, Mommy!' with such a sense of JOY in your voice. I can't explain what this does to me. You have a servant's heart already, precious one. I am going to do my best to instill that in you for the rest of your life.

You were always meant to be our oldest, Makayla. You are the best big sister in the world. You bless our lives over and over every single day. Thank you for making me a mommy five years ago today. You mean the world to me, sweet girl. I am so thankful to be your mommy forever and ever.

I love you forever,
Mommy <3 p="">
My beautiful big girl.
In your birthday PJs!
You kept telling me this was your new baby and you just adopted her from Ethiopia. :)
Your joy over the little things in life will never get old to me. 
You are my mini-me, sweet beauty.
With your adopted baby again. :)
Before bedtime, we looked at your baby books. It was so sweet to watch you look at pictures of yourself from four years ago. I love you, baby girl.

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