01 September 2010

Letter to Addison

Dear Addison,

Today you are 10 weeks old. I can't believe it! These past 10 weeks have flown by. You are such a wonderful baby. Of course you cry, but what baby doesn't? You have been a wonderful sleeper since birth...a million times better than your big sister was!

We started letting you cry it out to put yourself to sleep last Monday and you've been doing fabulously!! I nurse you every night before your bed time, which is usually around 7ish, and you eat for 30 minutes, fall asleep and I put you down. Sometimes you wake up when I put you down, other times you don't. Either way, you have only been getting up one time a night since we've started the CIOing. Thank you!! It's been really nice to not be dictated by a little baby like I was with your big sister.

You started to roll over from your belly to your back at three weeks old and now every time I put you on your belly, you roll right over! At least you're getting a lot of neck exercise when we hold you! :)

You still are not very content just laying on the floor by yourself. You always need someone right in your face and talking to you. We can't just be next to you...that's not enough. Words must be coming out of our mouths.

You love to watch Makayla. Anytime she is around, you want to watch her continuously. She usually ends up running away and then you can't see her anymore, so I take over and talk to you. But Makayla loves you a thousand times over! She is always, always, always hugging and kissing you constantly. Constantly! Every time you cry, Makayla says, "It's okay, Addi! We're all right here!". You two are going to be the best of friends.

You love being naked on your changing table, too. It's really funny because I can leave you up there with no diaper on and you don't let out one little peep. You just lay there and kick your legs with your nakey bum hanging out. It's so adorable!

You love to sleep with your head to the right. all. the. time. It kinda freaks me out that you might get a flat head, but so far, so good. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll ask him about it then...if I remember. You also have a bald spot starting on the back of your head. It looks just like your sister's did!!

I have loved these past ten weeks with you in our lives, my little peach. You are such a blessing to our little family and I can't wait to continue to watch you grow into the strong and amazing woman I know you will become.

I love you to the moon and back,

P.S. It is UNCANNY how much you look like Makayla at this age!!


Mama said...

What a beautiful letter...to be cherished forever.

The Bardwells said...

Love, love, love!