09 August 2010


Nights like tonight are what remind me what life is supposed to be like. It was so beautiful, yet so ordinary.

Addison fell asleep in my arms, while I rocked her in the glider in her room, after her bath. Makayla and Adam took a bath together. After that, they came in Addison's room, piled on the bed and 'hid' from me under the covers. So I pretended to be sleeping with Addison, to which Makayla replied, "Mommy seepin', Daddy!"

Makayla danced on the bed, got on the window seat and said, "You ready, guys?" and then after our readiness had been confirmed, proceeded to jump onto the bed in a fit of laughter.

She laid on the hard window seat, where there is no cushion, with her bird pillow and said, "I goin' to sleep." Then she said, "I need a blankie!" She pulled the huge comforter off Adam and I asked her if she was comfy, to which she replied, "I'm not comfy...yet!"

She cracks me up. Nights like tonight is what it's all about. I love my sweet little family.

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Mama said...

What a sweet story...I can picture it all happening just like that! Ahhhh, memories...!!