20 August 2010


I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to doing so. There are more important things these days. Like taking care of my beautiful amazing girls and laundry. So there.

Anyway, I want to share with you my favorite cloth diapers! And my least favorite! I'm not sure how much (if at all) I have mentioned it on here, but we are cloth diapering Addison. AND I LOVE IT. Seriously. The laundry is so much fun...the stuffing and putting them away is my favorite part. There's just something about all that yummy fluffiness that gets me every time! And it's not as gross as one might think it would be. You don't ever have to touch poop, contrary to popular belief. :) Breastfed poop just goes right in the wash because it's water soluble. And for those gross toddler poops? Well, we have a diaper sprayer for when it comes to those days.

So now for my favorite of all of our 32(I think) diapers:

1. Size one Thirsties Duo Diaper-These are my all time faves! Like on the real. They are SUPER trim, which is really great when it comes to cloth diapers since they can get really bulky, really quick. They come with two inserts, one is hemp and one is microfiber. I just recently started using the hemp ones because the microfiber was enough for our tiny baby. She's starting to pee more now, though and I use these diapers A LOT. They're my favorite for middle of the night changes since they are velcro and they're super easy to use. LOVE them.

2. bumGenius One Size Pocket Diaper-These are my second favorite. The link is for the new 4.0 diapers, but I have the 3.0's. When I was researching cloth diapers, I heard a lot of moms hated BGs because the laundry tabs (on velcro diapers, this is what's used to make sure you don't get a diaper chain from all the velcro...they put a little piece of 'sticky' fabric on the inside of the diaper to attach the velcro to...) weren't very sticky, thus resulting in said diaper chains. Well, to date, I have not had that happen, so yay for me! The new, improved 4.0's are supposed to have better laundry tabs and maybe one day, I'll get some of those bad boys. Anyway, I really love my BGs. We just started using the larger inserts recently (they come with a newborn insert that I was using) and they can get a bit bulky, but I still like them a lot. I really love the velcro closure diapers over the snap diapers, which I'll get to in a second.

3. Happy Heinys-I only have one Happy Heinys because one of Adam's coworkers gave us a gift certificate to Kelly's Closet and I wanted to try out some different diapers that I had none of, so this was one of the diapers I decided to purchase. And I'm SO glad I did!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this diaper! It would probably be my number one choice if I had more than one. The velcro closure is AMAZING...it overlaps on the front and the tabs are SUPER huge, which is awesome. Addison still has it so it overlaps completely. It's a fairly large diaper, so it could fit some big kids, I think, but it's still small enough to fit my chicken leg girl. :) I definitely want to purchase more of these as soon as I sell my sucktastic diapers off. They have really great prints to choose from, too! One thing about them is the laundry tabs are not that 'sticky', but since I only have one, it hasn't been a big deal to me. And it definitely won't stop me from buying more of them. I need a cow print one!! :D

4. Rumparooz-I really like Rumparooz. I thought I would like them a lot better than I actually do, but they're still pretty great. They have an 'inner leg gusset' that holds poop in the diaper really well. They also have a super cool insert that can snap together with their newborn insert (also included) for a doubler, for heavy wetters. They are pretty trim diapers and come in some really cute prints and great, bright colors. I have three of these and they're all snaps. I think I might like them better if I had them in Aplix, though.

5. FuzziBunz-I really like FuzziBunz, too. When we considered cloth diapering Makayla (SO wish I would have!!!), I bought a medium sized FuzziBunz. Now they come in one size and they are pretty cool! Most one size diapers have three to four rows of snaps on the front of the diaper that help you to adjust them up or down to make them bigger or smaller. But FuzziBunz has the elastic in the legs adjustable, so if you like a clean look on your diapers, these are the ones for you! No snaps on the front, except for the ones that close the diaper itself. It's super easy to change the sizing, but it's kind of a pain when you have to do it. Luckily, you don't have to do it every time. Once you set it to your child's size, you can leave it there until they grow out of it and it gets too tight. I think these would fit bigger kids, too.

There you have it. Those are my top five 'go to' diapers, in order. If I knew what I know now, I would only purchase these diapers. There are so many WAHM diapers out there and some of them suck. There are also other 'professional' brands that suck, too. Which leads me to...

My least favorite diapers: (I won't put links for these ones because I hate them, but you can Google them and find them all...)

1. Tweedle Bugs-I won this diaper, actually. Well I kinda won it. I won a $10 gift certificate to an online cloth diaper store and they had HORRIBLE customer service, so I found the cheapest diaper on the website to buy because I didn't want her getting any more of my money than she needed to, thus resulting in my #1 cloth diaper hate. I really thought I was going to like this one. After all, you're probably thinking, "How much difference can there really be in cloth diapers?" The answer? A LOT. First off, this one has WAY less snaps than any other snap version diaper I have. That means there are way less options on how big or small this diaper can get around the waist. Because of this, I can't get it tight enough on Addison OR I get it too tight and it hurts her tiny little legs. Also, the first time I put this diaper on her, it leaked. Everywhere. Not cool. They're cheap so if you're looking for cheap, then these'll do ya.

2. Katydid-HATE. I won this diaper in a giveaway on someone's blog and I loathe it. It might even be worse than Tweedle Bugs. It has the same problem as Tweedle Bugs in that there aren't enough snap options, resulting in it ALWAYS being too tight on my poor little Addi girl. I used it on her today and when I took it off, she had red marks on her tiny thighs. Sadness!! Plus, the pocket of the diaper opens in the front and I'm starting to hate those more and more.

3. Baby Kangas-Ugh, these might be the worst ones, but I can't know for sure since I've taken them completely out of my rotation. First off, they don't even come with an insert when you buy them! How lame, right? I got suckered in by a free diaper. I know, I know. And they have a zipper opening to stuff the diapers and every time I've used them (3 total, so maybe I'm not being fair??) it has leaked up the ying yang. I'm not even kidding. I used it once on M before Addi was born and twice on Addi and they leaked big time. There is a layer of PUL on the inside of the pocket so that it won't leak out of the zipper. You have to make sure that the insert is behind that layer of PUL (which I did on Addi) and they still leaked! I hate them and they or on the to sell list, for sure.

4. Monkey Snuggles-This is a WAHM business. They come in super adorable prints and I happen to have three of them. I've only used one so far because the other two are sized and they won't fit Addi until she's about 15 lbs. But the inserts are awful. These have leaked 50% of the time I've used the one I've used. The inserts are super, super thin and they suck. Obviously since they've leaked so much. She does have really great customer service though and when she lost one of my orders and I had to email her about it, she sent me two more inserts (for free) and some Monkey Bucks, which is money off on more of her diapers. I am definitely willing to give them another shot, but for now, my one size diaper has been taken out of the mix because it pisses me off every time I look at it. :/

5. bumGenius One Size Organic All In One-I bought this one the same time I bought my Happy Heiny. It isn't too bad except that this is the ONLY one that has leaked poop out of it since we've started cloth diapering. Not a great way to make me love you, BG Organic AIO! The elastic on the legs isn't really elasticy and you have to make sure that all the inside material is in the diaper or else it will leak pee. Or in my case, poop, I guess. Plus mine stained SUPER bad after Cloth Diaper Blowout 2010, so now it just looks disgusting. I'm hoping some Rockin' Green (laundry detergent) will take care of it, but I haven't tried it yet. Also, it takes forever and a day to dry since there is no insert to pull out. And the inside of the diaper is totally weird looking. I dunno, it's not all bad, I guess.

That concludes my hate list of diapers. I have one more I haven't tried and that is a bumGenius All In One. It's not the organic one and it's sized, so it won't fit her until she's 15 lbs., which is why I can't tell you if I like it or not. :)

Well, Makayla is talking in her crib, so I gotta run and get her. Hope you enjoyed reading about my loves and hate of cloth diapers! Lata!!

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the Shipe's said...

thanks! I heart the BG 4.0! It's big enough for Will. Unless he gains lots of weight & doesn't get taller, I think we will be fine. They are bigger than the 3.0's in the rise & the tabs. The velcro or Aplix, seems stronger than 3.0s.
With my 3.0's I can fold the insert to the first snap, making it more absorbant, but with the 4.0s I have to leave it unsnapped to fit the whole diaper, so I might need to start using those doublers. we'll see. Just wanted to add my 2 cents