02 June 2010

Makayla Stuff.

Well, our sweet little girl turned 29 months old on the 25th. I keep forgetting to post all the great things she's been up to lately. I think I'm so consumed with trying to have a baby that I forget to write down what my darling is doing. She's been doing A LOT lately, let me tell you!!

I'll probably forget tons of stuff, but let's just blame that on the pregnancy brain, mkay?

Tonight I was reading her Dr. Seuss' ABC book and after we were done, she said she wanted to read it, so I gave it to her and she started turning the pages and when we got to 'f', she said, "F, f, f." Also when I gave it to her, she said, "ABC." Yeah, she's so smart, I know.

She also counts to ten on a regular basis. She can recognize every number from one through ten, too!!

She knows almost every sound every animal makes. She's known some for a while, but she knows: cow, dog, cat, duck, sheep, horse, lion, tiger, bear, pig, rabbit (we wiggle our noses), turtle (Adam taught her to stick out her lips funny), bird and I'm sure there's more I can't remember. She has also started asking what other things 'say'. Like she'll ask us, "What's a bubble say, Mommy?" or "What's a caterpillar say?" It's funny.

She also started doing this thing from another Dr. Seuss book. It's from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. One of the pages has a little animal on it that 'hops from finger top to finger top' and now she always sticks out her index finger and thumb (just like the picture) and says, "Hop, hop. Finger top, finger top."

She constantly talks about her little sister. Every time we go to the doctor, she says, "We go check on sister!" She is always saying, "Addison coming soon!" and it's precious. I love watching her learn and grow every day. She's just so smart and sweet.

She's doing great potty training, too! I'm too scared to let her leave the house without the plastic pants on over her 'unners', but one day, we'll brave it. She's even recently started peeing in public bathrooms again and I am SO happy about that one, for sure!!

Like I said, I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but that's what I've got for now. :)

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