31 March 2010

Days 2 & 3 of Undies

Makayla has been doing so wonderful these past two days in her big girl underwear!!

Yesterday she peed in the potty at 11am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 5:30pm and 7:20pm. I am SO proud of her!!!

She had one accident yesterday and I think it was because she was sitting in her chair to eat dinner (6:40pm) for a long time and we didn't ask her if she had to pee. She's still getting the hang of figuring out when she has to go. But right after dinner, we cleaned her up, she sat on the potty and totally peed!

We still put her in Pull-Ups for night time and nap time, so yesterday when she got up from her nap, she had a tiny bit of pee in there, but that's okay!!

And onto today...she woke up with a FULL Pull-Up, but I really don't expect her to wake up dry for quite a while, so it's totally fine. She peed in the potty at 10:05am, 12:20pm and 1:10pm, with no accidents in between. She sat on the potty a lot in between there, but those are the only times she peed.

The HUGE thing is.....get ready....

SHE POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!!! (1:30pm) I am so beyond proud and excited for my little girl!! It's only day 3 and she's already gone this far. Day 1 was really hard, but look at us now!!! The best part is, I didn't even say anything to her! She said, "I pee in the potty?" and I told her to go ahead. She knows how to take her undies off and everything, so she went and sat down and made her poop face!! I was so excited!! It was all her idea and she knew not to poop in her underwear!!!! It's still pretty messy having to clean out her little potty (we have a little one downstairs and a potty seat insert upstairs), but it's definitely worth it for my girl to gain some independence!!

I still can't get over how big she is and how quickly she is catching on! She always gets a Dora sticker of her choice after she goes and she loves to pick them out, even though she always wants more. I think that might be a big part of it, but I really don't care what it is. She's peeing and pooping in the potty, suckas!!! At 27 months, no less. That's one bomb child, right there. :D

Update at 9pm So we had church tonight (it's a special prayer thing we were doing this month) and before we went, we decided to go get pizza (YUM). Of course I was totally nervous about taking M out in her undies, but we packed an extra pair of undies, plastic covers and pants all ready for church. While we were eating, I asked Makayla several times if she had to go pee in the potty and she said no. She did pee in the potty right before we left (5:45pm), so I figured she was fine and normally when she has to go, if I ask her, she'll answer me straight. Anyway, she said, "I go pee in the potty, Mommy?", so we ran off to the bathroom at Red Brick Pizza, only to discover she already peed in her undies (6:40pm). :( Adam took her out to the car to change her into the one extra outfit we brought for church.

She went to church in the new outfit and as soon as we got there, we put her right on the potty and she peed! (7:00pm) I explained everything to the nursery ladies since it's the first time she went there with undies on and told them to page us if they needed us. Well, right as the service was ending (8:00pm), we got a page. I go in there and Makayla is standing by the potty with her wet undies on and her plastic cover and her pants around her ankles. Poor girl. So we put her in a Pull-Up for the ride home since we had nothing else and as soon as we brought her home, we put her on the potty and she peed again! (8:40pm) BUT her Pull-Up already had pee in it, too. :(

So for the record, that's THREE accidents tonight. I don't think we're ready to go out just yet. She is still getting used to having to tell us BEFORE she has to pee, ya know? She's really good at home and her little potty is right in the living room, so she can sit on it whenever she wants to and whenever I ask her to.

I also think she drank A LOT tonight. And no, I don't deprive my child of drinking fluids for the sake of her not peeing all over the place, but she had a huge thing of milk AND water at dinner, which normally doesn't happen. And to have three accidents in between peeing in the potty three times.

She is doing fabulously, though and I am so very, very proud of her. Tonight was a special occasion and we will not be going out until she can hold it better. And I'm totally okay with that. She's still learning and that is the most important thing to me, so I'll sacrifice whatever I need to for a little while. :)

Grand total for today: 10:05am, 12:20pm, 1:10pm, 5:45pm, 7:00pm, 8:40pm and pooped at 1:30pm.

Accidents for today: 6:40pm, 8:00pm and 8:20ish pm.

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Tiffany said...

I love hearing your stories. Good or bad. One we start potty training, I'm totally going to bring like 3 extra outfits now thanks to your story!! We always have one extra now, but now after reading this I might take a whole suitcase when we go anywhere with Logan, lol!
I'm glad to hear she seems to be getting the hang of it!