22 July 2009

Another Random Post

*Makayla climbed up the stairs twice today. By herself. And I had to run upstairs to get her when I heard the pitter patter of her little feet above me.

*Yesterday Makayla napped on me while the power was out at our house. We went to Rusty and Janelle's for a little bit and she did not want to sleep in her Pack N Play so I let her sleep on me. I read a book. Good times.

*I hate having to repeat myself. It drives me insane.

*Adam and I had a really great talk yesterday. 

*I read an entire book last night after everyone else was asleep. It was glorious and I could SO relate to almost everything in this book.

*We need milk really bad. I mean, not really bad, but we hardly had any this morning and Makayla kind of hearts her milk in the morning. And I'm being super lazy today. I really don't want to go get some. Maybe after she takes a nap, we'll go to the store.

*I have officially decided that M is going down to one nap. It's been hard. She only slept for an hour yesterday and then when we were eating dinner at a friend's house, she broke down. We left earlier than planned.

*I love sleeping, but I never go to bed when I should. I am reading a million and five books right now and I want to finish them all so I stay awake and read them. Or get on the internet.

*Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my life away. I've thought about deleting Facebook, but I already got rid of MySpace. Plus Adam says that if I delete my FB, I'll just find something else to replace it with. He's probably right since I read blogs like insane amounts.

*I wonder on a daily basis how Makayla would like having a sibling.


Anonymous said...

Funny story, after creating my FB, I want to delete it and my myspace. It takes up too much time. Do I really want other people from high school finding me? NO! PLus, it takes away from my school work. I log into the "classroom" most days to keep up with discussions. I think you've convinced me. I should delete it.

Ky and Kami's mom said...

I HATE repeating myself too. Annoying! That book looks great, I might have to check it out! I suck at finishing books. I feel like I have no time to read anymore. I need for it to be homework for me to make sure I finish them! Don't delete your FB. Myspace sucks so that's ok, but you have to stay on FB!!!