15 June 2009

The Yuckies

I have been feeling SO incredibly crappy for like a week! I'm not sure what is going on with me, but let me tell ya, I feel horrid. Saturday night these stupid birds that live in our tree in our backyard were chirping, or as I like to call it, squawking, at freaking midnight!!! They have done it in the past, but I usually just go sleep in the other room and they don't bother me. Well, Adam's family is here, so I can't do that. So, I do the next logical thing. I have Adam go downstairs and throw pebbles at them. Didn't work. Those jerks really like keeping me up after I have a baby who FINALLY sleeps through the night! I paid my dues with that, birds!!


So, I was up for probably 4 hours on Saturday night. It was awful. So I skipped church, had Adam take M with him and I got 2 hours of glorious uninterrupted sleepage! So nice.

But other than that, I have been so exhausted lately! Like I'm usually tired, but that's just mostly from laziness, but like on Sunday, after I woke up (at 11!) and took a shower, I just wanted to crawl right back into bed. Not a perk of having a kid, let me tell ya. I love my baby girl to death, but sometimes I just wish she'd hang out with me in bed and not want to go! go! go! ALL. DAY. LONG. You get my drift, right? 

So yeah, crazy unusually exhausted has been my week. Ugh. Let's hope it lets up sometime soon.

We took the kids to the pool today after their excursion to the Winchester Mystery House. M and I stayed home because we would have had to take two cars and M wouldn't have faired very well, I'm afraid. And it's good we stayed home because while she napped, so did this very tired Mama. Bliss. So anyway, Adam took Makayla into the pool for a while. She actually liked it! And by like, I mean, she didn't scream, so I think that's a plus, right?

I read Tori Spelling's new book, Mommywood. It's a cute book. Nice light read, which is actually kind of what I look for in books, so that's good. 

I bought myself a bathing suit today. Also got M one. Yay! We're going swimming tomorrow! And I got her this cool floaty thing that I can put her in since she doesn't know how to swim.

Gotta watch The Batchelorette and Here Come The Newlyweds sometime tomorrow.

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Tiffany said...

Aghhhhh don't even mention the word bathing suit around me, lol!!