28 April 2009

Struggles of a SAHM

I kind of hate acronyms because we had to use them for EVERYTHING in the Air Force. Guess I just can't tear myself away from them, though.

I love staying home with Makayla. I adore getting to see all of the fun new things she does every day. But, it's hard and rather depressing most days. Adam came home from work early. I think he has the swine flu. Just kidding. But, he is sick and has been sleeping pretty much since he got home. It's hard for me not to bother him and want to hang out with him when I know he's home. I really wanted to go in our room and just jump on the bed because I missed him. :(

So, Makayla can follow commands now. And no, I don't boss my child around all day long, but I tell (ask) her to do things and see if she can do them. I always ask her where her baby doll is and she will look around and do this screechy noise thing until she finds her. Then I ask her where her ball is and she finds it and starts playing with it. Same with her puppy dog that she sleeps with. She has gotten fondly attached to that thing lately and I'm really happy! She's never been attached to anything since she was born, so it might be weird for me to be happy about that, but I really am!! She loves him, but it's not like attached where she'll freak her freak if she doesn't have him to sleep with or play with or whatever. We don't have to take "Doggie" everywhere with us. She also has a love for her doll baby, as well. It's precious. I love Makayla so much more than I ever thought I could. 

Her left thumb is always dried and shriveled from all the sucking she does. It's so sweet. I love it. Makayla gets into a lot of trouble, though. She's always into everything. Opening every single drawer and taking everything out, tearing the toilet paper off the roll, throwing clean clothes all over the place...the list goes on and on.

My struggle is finding people to be able to hang out with during the day. Most of my friends work or don't even have kids. That sucks. I don't have a lot of mom friends and I know that probably sounds lame or whatever, but I just really like to be around people. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some quiet time (like while M is napping!), but I also feel really bad for having M cooped up inside all day long, every day. We usually go for a walk in the morning before her first nap, but after that, we don't usually do much, unless we've got something we need to buy or return or whatever.

I think I need to sign her up for some sort of class. I got this Vacaville Events Guide in the mail a couple days ago and there's a Gymnastics class for 1-2 year olds. It starts in June. I think I might sign her up for that. It's only on Wednesdays from 9:00-9:45, but hey, at least we'll have something to look forward to every week, right? And then maybe, just maybe, I could meet some other moms with kids around M's age, too. Right? It's just gotta happen sometime....

Oh yeah, I lost my phone today, so sorry if you tried to get a hold of me. I was pretty pissed about it too, because I REALLY need to call my sister in law. She's so sweet though, I know she'll understand. :D

Oh man, I am so tired. I will post pictures soon.

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