28 December 2008


I really have nothing of substance to write right now...I just really wanted to write on my blog.
So here I am.

I have a lot of stuff coming up in this new year....
Today we got Makayla's one year pictures taken at JCPenney's and I couldn't be more thrilled with them!! Also since we get a military discount, we got $400 worth of photos for $86!!! Now that's awesome...and we didn't have to pay a sitting fee! So yay! :) Also, Makayla did so absolutely wonderful. She was perfect...smiled in almost every single picture...it was so difficult for me to choose...they were all awesome!!!

This was only the second time we've ever taken her for prof. pics because I was always worried when she was smaller that she'd scream or be really mad the whole time. But she did great and we got some great shots of the three of us, too.

So, my mom is coming in January 7th, which I'm really excited about! We also get to pick up the aforementioned pictures this day, as well!
Makayla's 1 year well baby visit is January 8th.
January 10th is M's birthday party and I'm so excited for that, too! I really can't wait...I'm going to make her cake and a bunch of butterfly cookies, too, so I hope people actually come! We invited a lot of people, but not really too many, so I think it'll be nice and intimate.
Adam and I are going to clean out our garage next Saturday and I'm actually really excited about that. It sounds dumb, but it's true. I really can't wait because we have some boxes out there still from when we moved in and I want to see what's in them and get rid of some stuff! I am so not the pack rat type and it drives me bonkers knowing that we have so much crap that we just don't use!!

Also, I have to frame Makayla's 6 month pictures...I know, I'm a little late...
I have to get frames for all the new pictures we're going to have...
And we have to hang pictures on the walls. We wanted to paint first, but I don't really see that happening anytime soon, so I'll just deal with what I've got. At least they're white, right? :)

Our stairs got finished on Christmas Eve and they look fabulous!!! One day I'll post pictures of those and my child, but not right now. I've got some more tv to watch before I head to bed. See ya laters!! 

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