23 July 2008


I got tagged for my first ever Meme! I know, what a weird name, right? It rhymes with theme, in case you were wondering. :)

A. Attached or single...Attached. To Adam.
B. Best Friend...Adam. And Janet.
C. Cake or pie...I hate cake, so I'll have to go with pie. Or cheesecake, but that's not really a cake, so it doesn't count.
D. Day of Choice...Any day that Adam is not working is awesome in my book. But I prefer Saturdays.
E. Essential items...Makayla is my essential item. I don't really go anywhere without her, what with the attached to my boob and all.
F. Favorite color...Hott pink!
G. Gummi bears or worms...Gummi worms all the way.
H. Hometown...Medina, OH!
I. Favorite Indulgence...Sleeping is my number one favoritest thing to do in the entire world. Ever. Ever. Ever.
J. January or July...Both are fun. I like January because there's snow. Well not in California, but you know...and I like July because it's summer time! And my mom's birthday!
K. Kids...We have one darling Makayla and she rocks our socks! And there will (hopefully) be more in the future!
L. Life isn't complete without...Eating fast food.
M. Marriage date...May 7, 2005.
N. Number of Siblings...1 awesome brother, Nathan. 4 stepsisters, Lisa, Laura, Betsy and Sarah. 2 stepbrothers, Brian and Aaron.
O. Oranges or Apples...How 'bout strawberries? Cuz I love me some of those bad boys!
P. Phobias...I hate the dark. And spiders. And heights.
Q. Quotes...Do or do not. There is no try.
R. Reasons to smile...Adam. Makayla. Jesus.
S. Season of choice...Spring. My birthday. Adam's birthday. It's not too hot, not too cold. You get my drift.
T. Tag...
U. Unknown fact about me...I don't know how to swim and Erin, I'm stealing yours because it is oh so true for me, too! I cannot eat my food if it's touching!!! Gross!!
V. Vegetable...Cucumbers or green peppers. Or cooked broccoli.
W. Worst habit...Being lazy. My house is a mess!! Oh yeah and lately, I've been adding "right?" to the end of EVERYTHING I say. I'm sure that gets annoying.
X. XRay or Ultrasound...I would so much rather have an ultrasound any day. But only if it's to see and hear my unborn child. That is wonderful.
Y. Your favorite food...Pizza. Arby's curly fries. In-N-Out. Pasta. The list goes on. I can't pick just one!
Z. Zodiac Sign...Taurus. But that so doesn't matter, am I right?

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Becks said...

Love it..just wrote mine too. Life really isn't complete without fast food! So true!! Love reading this, makes me know you just that much better!